Top Gyoza Recipes

Asia has a treasure trove of dumplings, each with its own story. Yet, the Japanese gyoza stands apart—simple, authentic, and bursting with flavour. Gyozas are the perfect bite-sized treat. Some like them with a crispy pan-fried base, while others prefer them purely steamed, soft, and juicy.

We've got just the thing for those eager to bring a taste of Japan into their kitchens. Here are seven classic gyoza fillings and recipes that are easy to follow and deliciously rewarding. Ready to discover the true taste of gyoza? Let's dive in!



The classic choice! Pork mince-meat mix is a gyoza staple and for a good reason. It complements sweet flavours beautifully – try our sizzling pork gyozas with apple and shredded cabbage. Pair with lime and coriander cauliflower rice for a zesty punch.


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It’s hard to go wrong with chicken. This versatile meat takes well to sweeter or more savoury flavours. Opt for steaming over frying for a healthier twist, and pair it with miso-glazed noodles for a truly satisfying combination packed with flavour and spice.


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A great source of protein, beef works well with the traditional gyoza filling of shredded cabbage, onions, garlic, ginger, and a splash of soy sauce. For a unique twist of flavour add Korean BBQ gyoza to your leftover noodle soup.


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For a guilt-free, health-conscious choice, try a vegetable-based filling. Crunchy carrots, onion, and shredded cabbage pack these dumplings full of nutrients – particularly if you steam them! Let them soak in a hearty ramen broth for an explosion of flavour.


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When it comes to gyoza, there's a world of delicious possibilities without compromising your dietary preference. At itsu, our menu features delightful vegan-friendly options! Try our Teriyaki chick’n vegan gyoza in a stir-fry for a simple, meat-free meal that’s light on calories but loaded with nutrients.


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Peking duck with pancakes is an iconic dish bursting with Asian flavours and sweet aromas. Wrap those ingredients up in a gyoza for a no-hassle take on this classic dish.


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As an island nation, the Japanese love to integrate seafood into their cuisine. Prawns are a perfect light choice for the seafood lover, making them an excellent addition to salads.


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