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asian-inspired, affordable, nutritious food made with quality ingredients, respect, precision & passion.

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new 374 seasonal feast

a seasonal feast for only 374 calories, consisting of 5 steamed signature veg gyoza, light crystal noodles, a medley of up to 12 different greens, veg & fresh herbs, pumpkin seeds, miso mushroom brilliant'broth, perfect for those giving veganuary a go this year!


its'our story

I first visited Tokyo in the winter of ‘94 and fell in love with the harmony and precision of the food; every bento box was a work of art. If beautiful food, fast, was humanly possible, then Japan was leading the way and it’s probably why nearly 100,000 people there are over one hundred years old. I returned home determined to create a new kind of food place. I had no idea how hard it would be, but itsu Chelsea, London opened in 1997, itsu Soho a few years later, followed by 80 more over the next 20 years...