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itsu creates Asian-inspired snacks and healthy meals that are restaurant quality and easy to prepare.


eat beautiful

At itsu, we are passionate about sharing delicious, healthy, Asian-inspired food with as many people as possible. Our much-loved restaurants are known for creating beautiful food without compromise. 10 years after opening our first restaurant in London, we realised something: If we wanted more people to try our food, then we needed to sell it in shops and supermarkets as well as our restaurants… This is how itsu began to pop up all over the UK, Europe and beyond. We hope you enjoy, let us know if you’d like more!


a noodle cup to be proud of

Restaurant-inspired rice’noodles with hand-crafted broths. Perfect for foodies wanting a light & convenient lunch, or snack. Our rice’noodles cups are gluten free and low in fat & sugar. The miso-based broths are made from scratch in the Nagano Valley, Japan by renowned master of Japanese cuisine, Yoshihiro. He avoids chemicals & shortcuts so you can eat these noodles with pride.


the miso master

Miso is a staple of Japanese cuisine; fermented, high in protein & packed with nutrients, minerals & vitamins. Our miso master, Yoshihiro & his family have been making miso in the Nagano Valley, Japan for 85 years. We developed our two miso’easy flavours together. For a warming soup just add hot water, or transform home cooked dishes with miso marinades, glazes and dressings.


toasted [not fried]

Our seaweed is harvested from the crystal-clear waters off the coast of South Korea. There it is pressed wafer thin & then toasted [not deep fried]. Nutritionists revere the health benefits of seaweed as it contains iodine & vitamin B12. All flavours are under 25 calories per pack.


dumpling n° 74

We like to nickname our gyoza by their recipe numbers. For example, our chicken gyoza is affectionately known as ‘chicken dumpling no.74’. The 73 recipes that came before it were delicious, but it took 74 versions to crack it. We develop every recipe in our own kitchen, and we keep updating them until we find the perfect balance in taste and texture. At the time of writing Katherine, our gyoza master, is working on ‘veg dumpling no.87”, with Korean Ssamjang for added depth and flavour.


little treasures..

Bao are cloud-like fluffy buns with a delicious filling. They have been enjoyed across Asia for thousands of years, sold everywhere from corner shops to Michelin-starred restaurants, from Tokyo to Taipei. Perfectly steamed, lovingly made & ready for you to eat in one minute.

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