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the hype about high protein

What’s it all about?

As the gyms reopen this week, it’s no surprise that people are kickstarting their healthy habits. Whether it is a protein bar, protein shake or a protein ball…the trend for protein continues to grow. We’d even go as far to say it’s fast becoming the nations favourite macro.

Despite this, in a recent survey we ran with 2,000 British adults, a whopping 69% of respondents were mostly perplexed about protein, and its quantities we should be consuming daily.

To help sort out the fact from the fiction, celebrity nutritionist, Rob Hobson, has some much needed clarity on the subject [and we’re very grateful] .

What is protein & what does it do?

“Proteins are known as the building blocks of life, as they break down into amino acids that help the body grow and repair. Our hair, skin and muscle are all made from the protein we eat.” This makes them an important part of a healthy diet & why you might be reaching for protein-packed snacks when exercising, to contribute to gaining muscle mass.

How much protein do I need?

According to Rob, 8 in 10 men and women don’t meet their daily recommended intake. “Most adults need around 0.75g of protein per kilo of body weight per day, for the average woman, this is 45g, or 55g for men. That’s about two portions of meat, fish, nuts, or tofu per day. As a guide, a protein portion should fit into the palm of your hand.”

What foods are high protein?

That’s a very good question. You’re not alone in wondering…in that same survey we ran, 78% of respondents had no idea how many grams of protein were in popular foods, such as chicken or cheese.
There a quite a few fortified products labelled as being ‘high protein‘ even though there might only be a few grams in a serving. It’s not a given that high protein equals healthy…it’s not uncommon for protein snacks to be loaded with sugar & saturated fat.

Rob also added that “You might think meat is the best way to get it, but there’s growing evidence that swapping a diet rich in animal protein [such as meat, fish and dairy] for one high in soybean, pulses, nuts and grains could help you live longer.”

With all this in mind, we’ve spent the last 18 months developing a first for instant noodles: high protein soybean noodles with delicious vegan miso based broths. These compact cups contain over 20g vegan protein, making them the ultimate quick & easy solution for your protein needs.

What’s more, our protein‘noodles have a different texture to noodles you might have had before, if you cook them in the cup before adding the broth, they have the perfect bite for a filling, high protein hit.

There are three flavours to try: super sesame, mega miso & crackin‘ curry…you can find them in Sainsbury’s, Ocado & Amazon.

All under 212 calories, our protein‘noodles contain nearly half the daily RI of protein for women [we’ll take two please] .

If you’re searching for functional foods that are also high in fibre & low in fat…look no further for the perfect post-exercise snack or easy lunch. We’d love to know what you think!