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3 ways to spice up your summer meals with juicy chicken gyozas

If you're passionate about gyozas and love discovering new ways to savour these flavour-packed parcels, you're in for a treat. Explore our favourite chicken gyoza dishes, including our zesty thai mango salad to our vibrant chicken gyoza festival, perfect for livening up your summer meals.


thai mango salad with gyoza

serves 2 | prep time 15 mins | cook time 6 mins

Enjoy our thai mango salad with gyoza—a crisp, vibrant blend of flavours bursting with goodness and simplicity. Featuring pan-fried or steamed gyozas alongside thinly sliced mango, sweet peppers, crunchy carrots, onions, cucumber matchsticks, and chopped iceberg lettuce. Drizzled over with a zesty lime, fish sauce, and shallot dressing, then topped with peanuts and fresh coriander for added crunch and flavour. This dish beautifully combines Asian-inspired ingredients with a tropical twist, ideal for a quick, satisfying midweek meal ready in just six minutes.

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chicken gyoza festival

serves 2 | prep time 5 mins | cook time 15-20 mins

Savour a meal that's packed with Asian-inspired flavours with our chicken gyoza festival. This vibrant dish blends udon noodles with succulent itsu chicken gyoza. Quick and simple to prepare, it includes stir-fried sugar snap peas, baby corn and radishes, all coated in a rich and luscious miso glaze sauce. Served over noodles, topped with succulent gyoza and garnished with fresh coriander, it's a flavour-packed culinary celebration perfect for any occasion.

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15 min’ chicken gyoza ramen

serves 2 | prep time 5 mins | cook time 10 mins

Craving a quick, flavour-packed dinner? Try our chicken gyoza ramen, ready in just 10 minutes. This comforting bowl brings together delicate noodles, succulent chicken gyozas, and fresh veggies. Infused with authentic ramen flavours, it features steaming, fragrant chicken ramen brilliant’broth. Garnished with baby corn and broccoli, and topped with chopped red chilli for a spicy kick. Enjoy this easy-to-make dish that perfectly balances tender noodles, juicy gyoza, and crunchy vegetables for a satisfying meal.

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