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On October 24, 2017 a carton of shop bought ‘ramen broth‘ from California appeared at one of our kitchen meetings. It tasted grim but the concept had potential… a light went on. We got all broth’d up, determined to create & pasteurise good ramen broth so customers might enjoy restaurant quality noodles at home. We decided to create three flavours: classic, chicken & miso. We had a carton design but no name; someone had said it tasted brilliant earlier in the day… that was it!

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After creating brilliant'broth in 2020, we tried and tested every noodle bowl we could think of... but we longed for proper ramen noodles like the ones we had tried in Japanese ramen shops. Noodles with a taste and texture that you just cant get when you dry them out.
So we created restaurantramen, fresh cut, sealed & chilled for perfect bite. Mix and match to find the perfect pair for your ultimate ramen.