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3 no-sweat Asian-infused summer dinner ideas

It’s summertime, and these easy summer dinners make the most of seasonal ingredients. From our king prawn stir fry bowl to vegan tofu bánh mí, these recipes are fuss-free and full of flavour. Explore these vibrant Asian-inspired summer dinner recipes, perfect for a quick midweek dinner that's convenient, bursting with flavour and won't leave you breaking a sweat.


king prawn stir fry bowl

serves 2 | prep time 5 mins | cook time 7 mins

Love stir-fry? Try our twist on this classic with the king prawn stir fry bowl-a delightful blend of hearty stir-fry and flavourful itsu chicken ramen brilliant’broth. Juicy king prawns, vibrant peppers, sweet baby corn, carrots, and red onion, sautéed to perfection, create an Asian-inspired burst of taste. Served over steaming ramen broth and topped with fresh coriander and chopped red chilli for just the right amount of heat. It's the ultimate weeknight meal-quick to prepare, bursting with flavours, and guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.


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vegan tofu bánh mí

serves 1 | prep time 15 mins | cook time 5 mins

Short on time but craving a satisfying summer dinner? Try this quick and delicious vegan tofu bánh mí-it's ready in just 5 minutes. Start with a zesty spread for the baguette, then assemble with crunchy itsu sea salt crispy seaweed thins, tofu, and tangy pickled veggies. Finish with sriracha or your favourite vegan sauce for a kick. Easy to make, this meal is sure to tick all the boxes for flavour and satisfaction.


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crispy pork rice bowl

serves 2 | prep time 5 mins | cook time 10 mins

Looking to spice up your summer dinner routine? Try our crispy pork rice bowl-a mouthwatering dish that combines crispy pork, tender broccoli, and a zesty sriracha chilli sauce over a bed of warm brown rice and flavourful itsu chicken ramen brilliant'broth. Quick to prepare and bursting with bold flavours, it's perfect for a delicious and hassle-free meal for those busy summer evenings.


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