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super salmon light

420 kcal

it's gluten free without the soy sauce
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product description

omega-3 rich sashimi-grade Atlantic salmon nigiri, salmon & avocado maki, salmon baby rolls, made fresh today in itsu

its'good for you

the salmon contains 860mg of omega 3 fatty acids, the long chain EPA and DHA contribute to the regular function of the heart

high in iron the rice contains 38% [5.35mg] of your daily reference intake, which supports a normal energy yielding metabolism

the salmon provides 24.8mcg of selenium, 45% of your reference daily intake which plays a role in the protection of cells from oxidative stress



420 kcal

fat total

9.1 g

fat saturated

1.6 g


17.6 g


65.4 g


7.5 g


2.7 g


2.25 g

nutritional values are based on our recipes however each dish is made by hand every day so this can vary. we do not include optional condiments as we found in most instances customers only use half the portion, see our sauce matrix for more detail.


fish, soya, mustard, sesame, gluten

may contain

egg, peanuts, dairy, nuts, gluten

if you require a detailed ingredient list, please contact us

‘may contain’ means that there might be cross contamination of this allergen at one of our suppliers, this is because they handle it elsewhere in their facility.

please remember everything is prepared fresh on the spot in our open plan kitchens which handle all 14 allergens so we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination. recipes can also change from time to time so please always check for updates.

our salmon

It is hand-picked, 100% sustainable. The best you can get…

Salmon is one of the most important ingredients in itsu, and fundamental to so many of our most popular dishes.  It is why we only source our salmon from one of the world’s leading seafood companies ranked #1 on sustainability (Coller FAIRR).

It has been the star of the show since we opened in 1997 and we continue to cherish this wonderful fish by having premium fillets delivered fresh in to store every day, and only allowing them to be handled by our highly skilled fish’pros.

The taste speaks for itself…