Dr Emma

Like us, Dr Emma is passionate about health[ier] eating and the impact diet has on body & mind.


our resident nutritionist

During her 5 years at medical school, Emma was surprised about how little she and her classmates were taught about nutrition. She felt like she needed to know more, so in 2022 she graduated from King's College London with a distinction in the Nutrition MSc, and is now an Associate Registered Nutritionist. During these years Dr Emma also found time to launch the junior doctor teaching programme at Nutritank  - a movement which provides clinically useful information to medical professionals on the subjects of nutrition & lifestyle medicine.

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Today, as well as being itsu’s in-house expert on nutrition and health, Dr Emma is a psychiatric consultant in training. Dr Emma works closely with our grocery and restaurant teams; together we’re determined to provide health[ier] delicious food for all. Head to our health[ier] menu & food pages to find out more about Dr Emma's diagnosis of our dishes. 

what the Dr. orders

Customers and our teams often ask Dr Emma about her go-to dishes on the itsu menu, here they are.



For breakfast my go-to is porridge, I'll make myself a version of itsu's blueberry boost if at home, with added banana & nuts. Oats & seeds are high in fibre, and keep me satisfied until my morning break or lunch. Blueberries always feel like a treat to me, and are packed with a specific polyphenol called anthocyanin which may be anti-inflammatory. I feel happy and satisfied knowing that I am feeding my gut microbes with this bowl of goodness.

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I am often thinking about how to reach the recommended 30g of fibre intake per day. For lunch I always opt for itsu’s paradise'rice, made with wholegrain brown rice. Depending on my mood and cravings, I will either have some of itsu’s steamed dumplings or salmon sashimi on the side.

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My go-to dinner after a busy day at work is a comforting and nutritious bowl of ramen. I use itsu's ramen ready spicy broth which saves me so much cooking time, but still means I am eating well. I tend to add some extra ingredients depending on what is in my fridge and freezer. I always try to include some vegetables [mushrooms, frozen corn or edamame beans, spinach or some shredded carrots] and a protein source [tofu or boiled to perfection gooey eggs]. I top it all off with some of itsu's seaweed thins, a sprinkle of sesame seeds, and some kimchi on the side to tie together the most delicious & gut health-supporting dinner.