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detox miso’noodle soup

185 kcal

product description

3 steamed veg gyoza, crystal noodles, wakame, tofu, miso soup



185 kcal

fat total

2.8 g

fat saturated

0.4 g


7.5 g


31.4 g


1.9 g


2.5 g


2.25 g

nutritional values are based on our recipes however each dish is made by hand every day so this can vary. we do not include optional condiments as we found in most instances customers only use half the portion, see our sauce matrix for more detail.

the term ‘detox’ is used in relation to the many health benefits miso has; aiding digestion, protecting against gastric ulcers, decreasing cholesterol & blood pressure.


gluten, soya, sesame

may contain

crustaceans, mollusc

if you require a detailed ingredient list, please contact us

‘may contain’ means that there might be cross contamination of this allergen at one of our suppliers, this is because they handle it elsewhere in their facility.

please remember everything is prepared fresh on the spot in our open plan kitchens which handle all 14 allergens so we cannot guarantee there is no cross contamination. recipes can also change from time to time so please always check for updates.