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prawn gyoza courgetti broth .jpeg

prawn gyoza courgetti broth

you will need

  • 1 pack itsu classic ramen brilliant’broth
  • 10 itsu classic prawn gyoza
  • 300g courgetti or 2 courgette sliced into ribbons using a peeler
  • 100g frozen edamame
  • 2 tbsp crispy onions

let's get cooking

  1. step 1

    Boil the gyoza with the edamame beans [in the same saucepan] as per the packet instructions [until the gyoza are cooked through]. Drain and set to one side until serving.

  2. step 2

    Heat the brilliant’broth in a small saucepan until piping hot [do not boil]. Once done, remove from heat and add the courgetti to warm through.

  3. step 3

    Divide the broth and courgetti between two serving bowls. Top with the gyoza, edamame and a sprinkling of crispy onions. Enjoy!