yours & ours

you will need

  • 1 carton itsu classic ramen brilliant’broth
  • 8 itsu vegetable fusion gyoza
  • 1 sachet itsu miso’easy traditional
  • 150g ‘heat & eat’ udon noodles
  • 2 baby pak choi
  • 4 baby corn
  • 2 pinches sesame seeds
  • 2 pinches coriander

let's get cooking

  1. step 1

    Pour the classic ramen brilliant’broth into a saucepan and heat to a simmer

  2. step 2

    Cut the pak choi and baby corn horizontally down the centre

  3. step 3

    Empty your miso’easy sachet in to a bowl and mix.

  4. step 4

    Brush the cut side of the veg with miso’easy and then grill or pan fry ‘cut side down’ until golden [about 8 mins]

  5. step 5

    Place the gyoza into the broth and simmer for 3 mins

  6. step 6

    Carefully remove the gyoza and place to one side, then add the udon noodles to the broth and leave to stand while you get a your bowls ready

  7. step 7

    Pour the noodles and broth into a bowl and top with the gyoza and miso veg

  8. step 8

    Finish with coriander and a pinch of sesame seeds