what goes in our new stir-fry [style] noodles?

### A typical stir-fry A noodle stir-fry typically contains protein – animal or plant-based, vegetables and herbs, uniformly cut greens, and a creamy sauce, fried or sautéed in one pan.
However, itsu brings a clean twist to the stir-fry story. Without using a single drop of oil, and without frying, we construct our stir-fry-style noodle dishes with plant-based protein, velvety thick stir-fry sauce, herbs, greens, and veggies. Our hearty steamed udon noodles have plenty of surface area to cover generously in sauce. Fresh herbs, still crisp and bright green, spring onions with a flavour-bursting crunch, juicy red pepper, and a selection of seasonal veggie mix join a scrumptious blend of flavours, textures, and colours.
While a stir-fry is a medley of ingredients stirred and tossed in a pan, each ingredient following the other in rapid succession, a stir-fry [style] dish can be calmly assembled with each ingredient delicately cooked or prepared without frying.
### What goes in our new stir-fry [style] noodles? Our coconutty i’Thai udon noodles have become a lunchtime staple for itsu fans over the years, and this April, we’re adding two scrumptious new flavour-packed additions to our stir-fry [style] repertoire. Meet our new Korean udon noodles coated in a luscious spicy Ssamjang and Gochujang sauce, and our velvety katsu covered Japanese curry udon noodles, topped with greens and crispy shallots. Did we mention they’re all totally vegan?
### Thick & Fresh Our distinguishable Japanese udon noodles take pride of place in a thicker new sauce [ensuring the sauce lands in your mouth, not on your jumper]. Cooked in boiling water, and always steamed, never fried, our noodles are packed in amongst a large helping of greens and grains, packing a taste and nutritious punch! Their thicker width neatly balances out high strength flavours for a balanced dish. Our kitchen procedures are over twenty years in the making, and we steam, stack & stir the freshest ingredients on the hour – with our noodles being no exception.
### Make it your own? We know that itsu lovers choose food on quality and nutritional value and taste – which is why we encourage you to add your own special touch to our stir-fry style noodle dishes. Aside from our selection of tangy sauces, ranging from spicy sriracha to fragrant soy, you have the option to keep these three dishes as vegan, or for the veggies and meat-eaters out there you can customise to your hearts content… by adding an egg, itsu veggie'balls or chicken for a minimal cost.