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10 most popular items for sushi delivery

Itsu delivery hasn’t been around for that long. Its’ handy, quick & convenient. Drumroll… here’s the top 10 of our most delivered sushi!

  1. Health & Happiness Our most popular delivered item is Health & Happiness. Line-caught yellowfin tuna and sashimi-grade salmon nigiri, salmon & crab maki with salmon sashimi on a bed of magnesium packed wakame. Big box for big sushi lovers, looking for a healthy meal and a happy tummy. 

  2. Super Salmon ‘3 ways’ For salmon lovers who can’t decide which form they like it best, this one’s for you. Super Salmon 3 ways is packed with omega 3 nourishing your brain cells, helping to produce those natural neurotransmitters. Essential for boosting your quick thinking whilst you’re hard at work!

  3. California Rolls California rolls, we’re unforgettable, crab rice rolls and avo on top…. #katyperry Creamy tasting and filling, our sunny rolls hit the fourth spot. Avocado known for being nutritious, containing lots of potassium and heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, will maintain your healthy heart and taste buds. 

  4. Best of itsu One of our favourites, a taste for each and every one of you. Salmon, tuna, shrimp, veggies, crab – you name it. Nigiri, maki – its’ everything you could want in a sushi box. Fresh and crisp, best of itsu hits the 4th position.

  5. Avo baby rolls Vegetarian, full of avocado goodness, cute and mini our avo baby rolls are the 5th most delivered item. Great as a side or to share with friends, the baby rolls never miss to impress.

  6. Super Salmon light The sister box of Super Salmon 3 ways and yes you guessed it right, lighter. A smaller side salmon box with three nigiris, four makis and three solo salmon makis. They’re packed with omega 3. Consider it as the little sister for a lighter lunch, a quick dinner or as a side to your hot food.

  7. Spicy tuna dragon roll Hot, sweet, crispy, crunchy and fresh. The spicy tuna dragon roll has earned its right to be in the top 10. Its ’indulgent, saucy and healthy! It’s ginger packed and is known to have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects on your body.

  8. Sushi Festival 17 pieces – yes you heard that right! First launched during summer festival season as a bento of the month, our sushi festival got so popular it has landed its permanent place in our fridges, bringing the party all year round. Undecided between the green and the orange you can mix and match the taste of avocado and salmon as it suits you.

  9. Salmon & Avo rolls Similar to our Sushi Festival box, the salmon & avo baby rolls leave the nigiris out of the party. Wrapped up with nori, a chewy sheet of algae, the makis end up slightly chewier than its nigiri friend. If you like a bit of bite, you’ll leave this meal satisfied.

  10. Emperor sharing box Last one on the list and largest. Here to serve your meetings, parties, lunches or dinners, you name it. The Emperor sharing box will make 4 to 5 of you happy at a price of £33.99. It has it all, tuna, salmon & shrimp nigiri, salmon, california & veggie maki, our salmon and avo baby makis with salmon and tuna sashimi. All coming with wasabi paste and soy sauce, let’s get this party started!

What are you waiting for? Order itsu sushi delivery! Deliveries are now available through deliveroo, just eat, city pantry and ubereats. Visit our delivery page now to find the best channel to get your sushi to you!