its’sparkling aluminium refill bottle

## its’sparkling aluminium refill bottle
This November, we’re delighted to be launching our new sparkling refill bottle, in partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation, to reduce single use plastic in our shops and contribute to the clean-up of our seas.
Our all-new sparkling water aluminium bottle is in a show stopping hot pink and can be used again and again, allowing us to remove the plastic alternative from our stores completely. The bottle is infinitely recyclable, and heavily discounted by us, making it simpler to take action to nurture our planet. At only £2.69, we’re one of the most cost effective bottles on the high street – making it easier to do better. 
The beautifully designed bright pink aluminium sparkling water bottle will be available in all itsu stores up and down the country and we are continuing our journey to reduce plastic from our supply chain. The clean, crisp and distinctive smooth style has gone through rigorous testing and design processes to provide a sparkling water product that’s different to anything else on the market, at an affordable price.
Since embarking on our sustainability journey, we’ve accomplished several milestones that have helped us reduce our impact on the planet. Notably, since replacing our cutlery with recyclable and wooden cutlery, we have reduced around 45 tonnes of plastic per year. And that’s not all – since removing all plastic bags from stores, and updating our packaging to 100% recyclable, we’re excited to share that we’re taking active steps to look after our planet. Take a look at some of our other initiatives here where you can explore some of the changes we’ve made since 2012.
To eat beautiful is to make conscious and sustainable decisions about the beautiful world we live in, and reducing plastic is important to us. Our plastic sparkling water bottles account for tonnes of plastic each year so we’ve decided to extend our sustainable refillable flask family with a new sparkling water bottle.
We’re not perfect but one milestone at a time, we’re improving our menu to give our customers a more sustainable offering.
It’s important to give back, so for each refill flask sold, we make a donation to the Blue Marine Foundation, to support them on their mission to reduce the impact of plastic on our seas. They are dedicated to creating a healthy ocean forever, for everyone.
We have worked with Blue Marine Foundation since we first launched our still refill flask and look forward to furthering the partnership and continuing donations to this worthwhile cause.
Be sure to head down to an itsu store this month and pick up a new show-stopping pink refill bottle – and join the eat beautiful crusade.