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instant noodles – Japan’s most successful invention

With more than 100 billion servings of instant noodles eaten globally last year (that’s more than 13 servings per person!), it’s easy to understand why the instant noodle repeatedly gets voted Japan’s most successful invention beating the Walkman, bullet train and karaoke to keep its’ spot at the top!

The inspiration behind instant noodles was the mighty ramen, a dish so popular in Japan that there are thousands of ramen restaurants in Tokyo alone. If you walk into any of these restaurants and ask what makes the noodles dish so special, they’ll say it’s the broth. A ramen’s broth is a work of art and chefs tirelessly craft broths so complex they transform the noodles that swim in them.

Instant noodles have been taken seriously in Japan since they were invented in 1958 and now there’s a whole culture of appreciation dedicated to them. The popular reviewer Toshio Yamamato has reviewed a whopping 6,200 varieties of instant noodle and he says he won’t stop until he finds one that deserves a perfect 5 out of 5!

Yet in the UK noodle pots can be “hazukashii”….meaning “eaten with head hung in shame”. They’ve got themselves a bad reputation, bringing back memories of student days spent hungover on the sofa. itsu are on a mission to change this!

We’ve been working with Yoshihiro, Japan’s highly respected food entrepreneur to create broths inspired by the ramen chefs of Tokyo. We’ve blended miso with natural flavours, seasonings, herbs and spices. There’s no MSG, no shame and no more than 230 calories. The broths come in 4 flavours [2 vegan] and are served with plenty of gluten free rice noodles. Or for a more fill option, try our udon noodles!

They’re available in supermarkets nationwide and can be ready in five minutes [just add hot water!]