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how brilliant is broth?

how brilliant is our broth?

One of the best things about food, is the fads… One minute we are whipping up #healthymeals in minutes and the next we are enjoying #slowcookingrecipes. Over recent years it feels like our favourite way to whip some leftover ingredients into a meal, is to smother them in a sticky stir fry sauce.

Delicious – yes, but sometimes you don’t want to look at the ingredient list – with good reason.

Interestingly, COVID seems to have increased our collective mindfulness about our food and lifestyles, which is changing the way we shop in supermarkets nationally.

In fact, there is a lot of people who are now quite fixated on the bacteria in their intestines and gut. #guthealth is an increasingly big thing. Just to dazzle you with some science at this point, many in the medical field believe that the next century is going to be about microbes, whereas the last one was about genes. In a time where we are all doing our best to improve our health, its worth thinking about the products you choose to make your meals tasty, see this cool article


Anyway, we were probably reading about the benefits of bone broth before lockdown…healing the gut, full of collagen, protecting joints etc and it inspired us. As an idea, with all the health benefits – we loved it. At itsu, however, we are probably more on the #plantbasedmeals end of the spectrum, than cooking bones for a long time. This led us to think that it would be great to be able to whip up an easy, nutritious meal with big flavour without the high sugar and hidden baddies of some stir fry concoctions, hence we developed brilliant’broth.

the rise of brilliant’broth

Naming our broth range brilliant’broth was a risk. You have to very sure of how good a product is [or foolish] to write “brilliant” in front of it. Then again, those who tased brilliant’broth during our many development meetings were convinced. More humble options were considered but in the end, we were in agreement; the broths tased brilliant.

Lacking a little bit of self-assurance, we thought we should check what a few non-employees thought about the new range, so we entered the Great Taste Awards. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when all 3 products in the range were awarded a star, [a rare accolade apparently] and as if that wasn’t enough, we now have 4.5 stars on Ocado – also brilliant.

what is brilliant broth?

Some/many of you might be wondering what we are talking about. If so, here is a brief intro from our blog last week:

“What is brilliant’broth? We’re glad you asked: You know when you go to your local Asian restaurant and your noodles are suspended in a bowl of golden liquid bliss…well that is what we have packed into a handy little carton available in your supermarket chiller.”

To build on this a bit… they are like bone broth ramen bases that we adapted to go with all sorts of things; noodles, gyoza, stir-fry veg, rice, even pasta! We created 3 flavours: classic ramen, chicken ramen, and miso mushroom with more coming soon.

`We also made the stunning claim that Julian, our founder, cooked with brilliant’broth every day over lockdown and didn’t eat the same dish twice. He might have been exaggerating a bit, but he had a point; you can make 100’s of different and exciting bowl meals with brilliant’broth.

here are a few of our favourite recipes:

seared beef pho

A beautifully light and aromatic pho style noodle bowl with fresh herbs and chilli. Done in less than 20mins using our classic ramen brilliant’broth.

chicken & wild rice bowl

Just in case you were questioning eating rice with broth, take a look at this. This stunner of a dinner is made with our chicken ramen brilliant’broth

mushroom & tofu soba

This vegan beauty is made with our miso mushroom brilliant’broth. Its healthy, delicious and done in 15 mins.

If you’d like to see some more recipes, we have a brilliant’broth section on our recipe page. There aren’t 100’s on there yet, but we are working on it. You will see a few of the recipes come from our followers. If you end up making a bowl of your own, please tag us, and if it ends up on the website, we’ll trade you for some vouchers!

The more new & exciting recipes we see from you, our customers, the more we realise that our broths are only as brilliant as what you put in them. In other words, it’s you who make them brilliant.

Please let us know what you think and how you #makeitbrilliant

itsu – eat beautiful