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Old Broad Street 57


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Liverpool Street

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itsu Old Broad Street

Modern Japanese and Asian-inspired cuisine takes pride of place at our itsu restaurant on Old Broad Street. Our sushi is premium and fresh, the noodle & rice pots are packed full of nutritious ingredients, the steamed gyoza & bao ‘buns are filled with fusion flavours, and soups & salads are enriched with natural goodness. Each day, every dish is handcrafted in-store by trained professionals.

For a quick bite or for savouring the moment…

We only use sustainable ingredients ethically sourced from all corners of the world. Our salmon comes from the purest waters of the Norwegian fjords and Scotland. The jumbo sushi prawns are all ASC certified. A team of fish ‘pros and rice ‘pros at our sushi restaurant Old Broad Street prepares stunning sushi, maki rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. With extensive sashimi training under the belt, our fish ‘pros cut and slice each piece to precision. Each grain of our Spanish-grown and milled wholegrain rice is nutty and flavoursome and cooked in Suzumo cookers above 90C at 4.5pH level.
The fresh ginger in our signature teriyaki adds depth and intricacy of flavour. The soy sauce is a precious creation from a Japanese family brewer with a 2000year old recipe. We always use miso paste and never powder, and it is made with herbs and spices from the Nagano Valley, in Japan. We always steam our seasonal ingredients and never fry them. Our fresh chicken comes from British farms with an independently assured welfare policy. Your Japanese takeaway from Old Broad Street will be handmade to order by us for swift delivery to your doorstep.