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On the 13th May 2022, we’re opening our doors in Hampstead for the first time! If you’re a North London local sign up below to be the first to find out about gifts and other exclusive promotions.

Ahead of the opening, we will give locals a sneak peek at the new restaurant on 12th May 2022 between 12pm-1pm where lunch is on us: come and try a selection of some of our favourite dishes first come, first served!

itsu Hampstead: Asian inspired cuisine crafted for everyone 

Crafted with sustainable ingredients sourced ethically, every dish served at itsu Hampstead is a nutrient-rich, fresh take on Asian-inspired cuisine. Made in our kitchen every day, steamed and never fried, and most under 500 [good] calories. With a menu that is one-third plant-based, we welcome vegans and vegetarians while offering carefully curated gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free options.

Fresh, bold flavours

Our sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and maki are prepared from superior grade salmon from Norwegian fjords and Scotland. Every piece is sliced to precision by our fish ‘pros. We use fibre-rich, Spanish-grown whole grain brown rice with a distinctive nutty texture. Our chicken sourced from high-welfare independently-assured British farms is always fresh and never frozen. The colourful bespoke vegetable fusion, always British, is seasonally-adjusted. Our miso[(paste, never powder], soy sauce, and teriyaki are made from authentic ingredients.