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katsu rice’noodles

191 / 61 Kcal

katsu rice’noodles

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product description

Restaurant-inspired instant noodles with a katsu flavoured miso based broth [paste not powder], hand-crafted in Japan. An eat beautiful solution for foodies wanting a light & convenient lunch or snack.

how to enjoy

To prepare [5 minutes]:

1. Empty ingredient sachets into the noodle cup.

2. Just add hot water to the fill line inside the noodle cup and leave to rest for 5 minutes.

3. Stir the ingredients.

4. Add a splash of cold water and enjoy!

[for a fuller flavour, leave to rest for an extra 5 minutes]

 *please note we have recently removed the film wrap around our noodles [whilst ensuring food safety & product quality are not compromised]. This is part of our ongoing commitment to reducing plastic*



191 / 61 kcal

fat total

0.8 / 0.3 g

fat saturated

0.3 / 0.1 g


3.4 / 1.1 g


40 / 13 g


4.4 / 1.4 g


2.8 / 0.9 g


2.30 / 0.73 g

per serving / per 100g


soya, fish, mustard

may contain

traces of sesame

if you require a detailed ingredients list, please contact us

‘may contain’ means that there might be cross contamination of this allergen at one of our ingredient suppliers.

every attempt has been made to ensure that there has been no cross contamination of allergens but we cannot 100% guarantee that none has occurred.

we adjust the recipe of our products from time to time; and therefore we recommend that you always check the ingredient lists and nutrition declarations on the packs of all our products prior to purchase to determine product information.

Yoshihiro and his broths…

Restaurant inspired ricenoodles with hand-crafted Asian broths are an eat beautiful solution for foodies wanting a light and convenient lunch.

Yoshihiro, Japan’s highly respected food entrepreneur cooks his broths from scratch with miso, herbs & spices in the stunning Nagano Valley, a short ride from Tokyo.

He avoids chemicals & shortcuts & so created rice’noodles you can eat with pride & joy; it’s a first!