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hoisin duck bao’buns [family pack]

196 / 218 Kcal

hoisin duck bao’buns [family pack]

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product description

These soft steamed buns filled with duck, hoisin sauce & vegetables are ready to eat in just under 2 and 1/2 minutes.

how to enjoy

steam in steamer [recommended – 10-12 minutes]:

1. Line steamer with greaseproof paper & pre-heat.

2. Place 5 bao’buns in the steamer & cover with a lid

3. Steam for 10-12 mins.

4. Serve & enjoy!

steam in colander [recommended – 12-14 minutes]:

1. Line colander with greaseproof paper.

2. Place the colander above a pan of softly boiling water.

3. Place 5 bao’buns in & cover with a lid.

4. Steam for 12 – 14 mins

5. Serve & enjoy!


1. Place boa’buns in a microwaveable container & cover with microwabelle film, ensure bao’buns do not overlap.

2. Pierce the film a couple of times.

3. For 5 bao’buns microwave on full power [900W] for 1 min 20 seconds.

4. Stand for 1 min before removing film.

6. Serve & enjoy!

Cooking instructions [from frozen] Please always be careful of hot steam when removing bao'buns. For guidance only, cooking appliances will vary. Please ensure bao'buns are cooked until piping hot. Do not re-heat once cooked.



196 / 218 kcal

fat total

4 / 4.4 g

fat saturated

0.6 / 0.7 g


6.8 / 7.5 g


32 / 36 g


5.9 / 6.6 g


1.9 / 2.1 g


0.92 / 1 g

per serving / per 100g


wheat [gluten], sesame, soya, molluscs

if you require a detailed ingredients list, please contact us

‘may contain’ means that there might be cross contamination of this allergen at one of our ingredient suppliers.

every attempt has been made to ensure that there has been no cross contamination of allergens but we cannot 100% guarantee that none has occurred.

we adjust the recipe of our products from time to time; and therefore we recommend that you always check the ingredient lists and nutrition declarations on the packs of all our products prior to purchase to determine product information.

take a bao

The first bao we ever served in our restaurants used a fluffy pancake like bun we folded around the filling. They looked & tasted beautiful, but made a mess when you ate them.
We thought this was a problem without a solution. Afterall, some things are just messy, the taste was worth it.
That was until a winter trip to Tokyo, where we saw clear steaming chests filled with hot snacks dotted all over the city. There was one thing in particular that caught our eye; a perfect round bao bun called a Nikuman.
When making a Nikuman the dough is folded & sealed around the filling before being steamed. This locks in the flavour & means you can confidently eat the bun with one hand. Same incredible taste, no mess. Our transition was swift.