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nutritionals & allergens

1. Where can I find out more nutritional / allergen information about your products?

You can find our nutritional and allergen product information on our menu online here. You can also filter our menu by dietary requirement, including dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan, to find out what’s suitable for you. If you’re in store, just ask any of our Team Members and they will print you a receipt containing all the product information.

2. Is your fish safe for pregnant women?

Our tuna and salmon are considered safe to eat raw. Our salmon is EU farmed, pellet fed and individually inoculated, which means it’s exempt from the requirement to be frozen prior to being eaten raw or lightly cooked. Our tuna is deep frozen to a temperature at or below -60 (insert degrees symbol) C, however each pregnancy is unique to an individual so it’s best to liaise directly with your GP.

3. Are your products halal?

Unfortunately, our meat products are not halal certified. Our sushi rice contains rice wine vinegar and our miso soup contains low levels of alcohol, so unfortunately any products including those ingredients are also not halal.

4. I want to know the portion weights in your products.

Because all our products are made by hand, it is impossible to get exact weights for all our products. Our calories are deducted based on an average weight – for more specific information, please email us.


1. Why don’t you sell all your products in all your stores?

Our stores come in a range of sizes which means that sometimes we don’t have space to sell all our products. We try to ensure that our most popular products are always available, but if there’s something you feel is constantly missing, just let us know.

sustainability & sourcing

1. Are your eggs free range?

Yes, all our eggs are free range.

2. How do I find out more about your ingredient sourcing?

Please go to the sourcing section of our website here.

3. Is your packaging recyclable?

We currently recycle all our back of store waste and the majority of our sites are zero to landfill. Our napkins, paper bags, plastic cups and lids are widely recyclable. Our sushi boxes and soup cups and lids are recyclable where facilities exist – they need to be plastic coated for food safety reasons, which is why they have specific recycling requirements.

promotions & discounts

1. Do you offer a student discount?

We offer a 15% student discount after 3pm in all of our stores, providing you’ve got some evidence to show you’re a student. Lucky thing.

2. How does your half-price sale work?

Half an hour before closing, all our sushi and salad is available at half price. We think this helps reduce waste as well as giving you a little treat at the end of the day.

gift cards

1. Where can I buy your gift cards?

Our gift cards can be bought in all retail stores and topped up at any time. They’re not yet available to buy online.

2. I received a gift card, how long do I have to redeem the money?

The gift cards are valid for 24 months from when they are purchased.

3. Do you still accept the paper gift vouchers?

Yes, we will still accept the paper gift vouchers until they expire. The vouchers expire 3 months from the issue date which can be found on the back of your voucher.

4. My gift card has been lost/stolen, what should I do?

If your gift card is lost, stolen or damaged, please email itsu as soon as possible so that we can block the card. Please include an image of the receipt or the gift card number in your email. itsu cannot be held responsible for any balance spent prior to the customer reporting the card lost


1. Do you offer franchises?

itsu is not currently seeking franchise partners in the UK beyond the relationships we already have established.

corporate accounts

1. How do I set up a corporate account?

If you’d like to set up a corporate account with us at one of our stores, please email in via the contact page and we will set this up for you.


1. How do I apply for a job?

We’re so excited you want to join us. Please look at the site here.

charity & sponsorships

1. Do you have a dedicated partner charity?

Yes we do! We currently work exclusively with two charity partners – the Pink Ribbon Foundation and Orchid (Fighting Male Cancer). We take great pride in our work with both of these causes that help raise awareness and provide support to both male and female related cancers. Click here and here to find out more about these wonderful organisations.

2. Will you sponsor me?

We think the things you do for charity are amazing – running marathons, jumping out of planes, growing luxurious moustaches throughout November. We focus our fundraising efforts on the Pink Ribbon campaign so are unable to sponsor individuals in their charity efforts – but keep up the good work!

itsu [grocery]

1. Where can I find itsu products in supermarkets?

You’ll spot us in itsu restaurants, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Morrison’s, The CoOp and online at Amazon and Ocado. Visit itsu grocery to click through to buy from your local supermarket.

2. How many calories are in my itsu product?

You’ll find all the nutritional information on the individual product pages.

3. Are itsu products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Lots of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Please check the information on the individual product pages – those suitable for vegetarians and vegans will be labelled accordingly.

4. Are itsu products gluten free?

Lots of our products are gluten free. Please check the information on the individual product pages – gluten free products will be labelled accordingly.

5. Who can I contact with a press enquiry regarding itsu products in supermarkets?

Please use the talk to us page, and select “snacks and supermarket products” in the “its about” drop down menu. We look forward to hearing from you.

6. What is your environmental policy?

We are consistently mindful of our environment, striving to produce the most innovative, healthy, delicious food from responsible sources, packaged in the best quality most convenient available. Our work’s not done, and we know there’s more we can do to go greener, better, more sustainable. Watch this space for our Corporate & Social Responsibility strategy, which will be launched this year.

In the meantime, if you want to find more specific details about how to recycle our products, please use the talk to us page and select “snacks and supermarket products” in the “its about” drop down menu.

Or for recycling tips generally, visit the recycling room



7. Can I sell itsu products?

Yes you can! Please use the talk to us page, and select “snacks and supermarket products” in the “its about” drop down menu. We look forward to hearing from you.

8. Can I order your products if I live outside the UK?

Unfortunately at the moment we are only able to sell products within the UK. This is something we are looking into!

9. Can I order large quantities of itsu grocery products?

Yes you can! Please use the talk to us page, and select “snacks and supermarket products” in the “its about” drop down menu. We look forward to hearing from you.