taking a stand

taking a stand Here at itsu, we’ve taken the bold decision to remove wild yellowfin tuna from our menu by the end of 2022. Tuna will be replaced with delicious sustainably farmed jumbo prawns. 
why? A report was published by the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) in February this year which shares the results of a yellowfin tuna stock level assessment. This report has been a long time coming and shows that unfortunately, current fishing levels are too high. To preserve the amount of yellowfin tuna in the Indian Ocean, fishing must be reduced by at least 30%. 
EU Ocean Day, at COP26, highlighted that the ocean plays a crucial role in preventing the damaging effects of climate change. Our oceans produce 50 per cent of the earth’s oxygen, whilst also absorbing excess heat and locking away carbon. Overfishing destabilises our ecosystems, which has a harmful effect on all life on earth. Healthy oceans need healthy fish populations.
Strict conservation and management efforts are needed urgently, to allow Indian Ocean yellowfin to recover over the next decade. Reducing overfishing helps us meet commitments toward sustainable development and biodiversity.
To ensure the long-term survival of this important stock, we must put aside any short term gains. We constantly strive to do better, for our customers and for our planet and we have chosen to make moves in the right direction by making the more sustainable choice.
After years of searching for the perfect prawns, we’ve finally landed on 5XL Ebi jumbo sushi prawns. They are the biggest on the market, and are sustainably farmed, with visibility from farm to fish’pro.
 what? We’ll be replacing yellowfin tuna with jumbo prawn nigiri served in our bestselling boxes including health & happiness, and itsu classic boxes [alongside our delivery exclusive platters; tuna salmon platter, sushi sashimi platter, party platter, sashimi emperor platter & airport dishes]. Prawns will be available in all itsu stores nationwide for eat-in, take away & delivery from 18th May 2022.
Our highly skilled fish’pros will prepare the prawn nigiri topped with tangy Japanese Kewpie mayo and a sprinkling of chives. Dishes are made fresh on the spot every day in our on-site kitchens. 
read more [here](https://www.bluemarinefoundation.com/2022/02/23/yellowfin-tuna-catches-must-be-cut-by-30-per-cent-to-save-the-stock/)