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are noodles good for you?

eat them with pride

We whole-heartedly believe that instant noodles should be eaten with pride & joy, just as they have been across Asia for generations. With our mission to make healthy, delicious, Asian-inspired food available to all, rice’noodles were born. No longer just the quick fix for hungover students, our range of noodles are quickly becoming the perfect store cupboard essential, that can be enjoyed alone or as part of an Asian-inspired feast at home. We couldn’t quite believe it but in 2020, we were selling an itsu noodle cup every 10 seconds.

so, what’s our secret?

Our restaurant inspired rice’noodles are paired with delicious miso-based broths [made from paste, not powder]. The authentic broths, direct from Japan, are hand-crafted by our miso master and Japanese food entrepreneur, Yoshihiro, who carefully blends the paste with herbs and spices. He & his family have been making miso in the beautiful Nagano Valley, for 85 years and counting.

The five flavours mean you could have a different one every day of the week, or form a noodles girl band [did somebody say The Spice Girls?]. There’s katsu, satay, chilli miso, chilli chick’n and latest addition tonkotsu to choose from. All are under 230 calories, gluten free and four out of five are suitable for vegetarians as well as vegans.

hello healthy noodles

Miso is the hero of our broths, praised by nutritionists for its various health benefits, being rich in essential minerals and a good source of nutrients, including protein. Hailed as ‘incredibly healthy’, the fermented soybean paste gives the noodle broths their signature, umami-rich flavour.

Our rice’noodles cups are made with no artificial colours, preservatives, flavours…so our ingredients lists won’t look like an extract from a Chemistry textbook. Unlike lots of other instant noodles, this range is low in fat & sugar…containing less than half the calories per serving of Pot Noodle. There’s just 0.8g of fat in a katsu rice’noodles without any compromise to taste.

As part of our ongoing commitment to be mindful of our impact on the planet, last year we removed the wrapper from our rice’noodles nests & switched to a pink recyclable lid. These recent changes will prevent more than 11,500kg of plastic going to landfill each year. We’re continuously working towards more sustainable packaging…look out for some more changes later this year.

ready in minutes

Perfect on their own, simply add hot water for a light and convenient lunch, supper or snack. Feeling adventurous? Our rice’noodles can be the starting point for a range of exciting dishes, especially if you’re looking to get a bit more experimental and creative in the kitchen during lockdown. They’re also a great way of using up leftover ingredients to create something special.

There is no limit to the dishes you can make with itsu rice’noodles, the more inventive the better! If you want to share any of your serving suggestions on Instagram, use #itsunoodles & we’ll share our favourites.

We’ve already seen how people like to get creative…especially when challenged in our Fake Off virtual cooking content. Why not have a go recreating these easy noodle recipes:

garlic maple tofu noodles

With beautifully glazed tofu, you’ve got to try this satisfying take on our chilli miso rice’noodles by @truffleandtoast

Nik’s satay noodles

This simple but stand-out recipe by @niknaidoo is a great way to use up leftover chicken using our satay rice’noodles.

bacon & brussel noodles

Who said brussels sprouts were just for Christmas, you’ll catch us making this recipe by @thelongmum all year round with our chilli miso rice’noodles.

even more noodles…

After a roaring success in our restaurants, there is no stopping the rise of udon. The thickest type of Japanese noodles are proving popular as they absorb flavours beautifully. Which we why we’ve created two brand new hand-crafted broths exclusively for our restaurant quality udon’noodles…

Our sweet soy broth is a much-loved flavour for any authentic Japanese ramen or noodle soup and there’s also a vegan sesame chick’n [picked by GQ as one of the coolest things of the week], both pots are under 355 calories!

Last but not least, protein’noodles. The newest members to our noodles family have muscled onto shelves this year [with over 20g vegan protein per cup]…but they deserve their own blog post so check back soon.

Our full range of itsu noodles are available in supermarkets nationwide.