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Peking duck prawn crackers 60g

103 / 513 Kcal

Peking duck prawn crackers 60g

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product description

The original, quality prawn cracker: beautifully seasoned with aromatic Chinese spices, perfect for sharing. Enjoy with friends, at home, with a dip or as an accompaniment to any meal.



103 / 513 kcal

fat total

5.6 / 28 g

fat saturated

0.5 / 2.4 g


0.5 / 1 g


13 / 65 g


1.8 / 8.8 g


0.5 / 0.8 g


0.52 / 2.6 g

per serving / per 100g


crustaceans, wheat [gluten], soya, egg

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‘may contain’ means that there might be cross contamination of this allergen at one of our ingredient suppliers.

every attempt has been made to ensure that there has been no cross contamination of allergens but we cannot 100% guarantee that none has occurred.

we adjust the recipe of our products from time to time; and therefore we recommend that you always check the ingredient lists and nutrition declarations on the packs of all our products prior to purchase to determine product information.


The prawn cracker spent years being over looked; thrown in with a take away, or absentmindedly nibbled on before the main event.

Where others just saw a cracker, we saw potential. We knew that with the right flavours and spice blends we could turn this side-lined snack into a star.

We started with three Asian inspired flavours; sweet chilli, wasabi & Peking duck. When these turned out better than expected we decided to take a risk and create a salt and vinegar flavour too, hopefully we don’t step on any toes.