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9 of our vegan favourites

Vegan sushi, Asian salads, udon noodles, rice bowls, dumplings, brownies…Yes, you heard right, they’re all vegan and you don’t have to find specialised vegan restaurants to try them…they’re all available at itsu.


Veg and seeds dragon roll
Enter the dragon!
Nutrient-rich avocado, green beans, mint, carrot & ginger maki with teriyaki & ‘no mayo’ spicy sauce. The dragon is topped off with protein-packed pumpkin & sunflower seeds


Avo baby rolls
Small but mighty, these mini avocado rolls are wrapped in vitamin b-packed nori


Quinoa falafel wrap
New to our grab and go range are Tokyo wraps. Made with baked not fried quinoa & sweet potato falafel, vitamin b packed nori, avocado, shredded carrot, fresh salad greens, mint & gochujang chilli sauce in kibbled rye bread.


Detox greens
Part of zero noodles range, this salad is on a bed of shiratki noodles, which are made from the konjac plant, naturally low in calories.
Avocado, tenderstem broccoli, silken tofu are laced in ginger teriyaki dressing, toasted pumpkin & sunflower seeds.


Humble warrior
This salad really is a warrior of goodness. Made with baked not fried quinoa & sweet potato falafel, creamy avocado, seed & veg salad served with sushi rice with low-fat green herb dressing


Quinoa falafel rice bowl
This hearty and wholesome bowl is made with two baked quinoa falafel, red & brown rice, fresh seasonal greens in a velvety red thai coconut sauce, all topped with spicy gochujang and teriyaki sauce.


Veggie gyoza noodles
Steamed vegetable gyozas are served with udon noodles and fresh seasonal greens in a fragrant red thai broth. We top it off with protein-packed pumpkin & sunflower seeds


Thai coconut veggie potsoup
This heart soup includes silken tofu, brown & red rice, seasonal greens, thai spiced coconut broth & protein-packed pumpkin seeds


Vegetable fusion gyoza
For all the gyoza lovers, we have a vegan version. These steamed vegetable dumplings come with a choice of dipping sauce.


Crushed coconut and chocolate oishii bar
To hit the sweet spot, we give you the crushed coconut & dark chocolate infused with matcha tea.


For more delicious vegan options at itsu restaurants, take a look at our menu.