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Fleet Street 130

Fleet Street 130


130 Fleet Street



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St Pauls

opening hours

  • Monday 11am- 7pm
  • Tuesday 11am- 7pm
  • Wednesday 11am- 7pm
  • Thursday 11am- 7pm
  • Friday 11am- 7pm
  • Saturday closed
  • Sunday closed
  • half price sale starts half an hour before close
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  • May Bank Holiday Hours
  • 30th April closed
  • 1st May closed
  • 2nd May closed

itsu Fleet Street

Our menu is all about nutritious Japanese and Asian-inspired cuisine created with fresh, sustainable ingredients, always ethically sourced. itsu Fleet Street source prime ingredients from sustainable supply chains and in doing so, contribute to the wellbeing of the planet and our diners. Experience the wholesome goodness with our fresh sushi, salads, gyoza, soups, noodle & rice pots, and sweet treats made in-store every day.

Dine at itsu to discover how good food makes a big difference

Norwegian fjords and Scottish waters breed some of the most prized salmon in the world. Our purveyor is ranked #1 in the world for sustainability, and you can enjoy our salmon sushi and sashimi safe in the knowledge that they do not come from overfished stocks. They are delivered to our sushi restaurant Fleet Street every morning on ice. The Better Chicken Commitment by itsu ensures ethical standards are met for each chicken we use on the menu.
To raise the nutrition profile of our dishes, we use whole-grain brown rice from Spain, tenderstem broccoli, avocado, a blend of six seasonal vegetables, and authentic nori rich in vitamin B12, protein, and iodine. We always steam our seasonal ingredients and use 16% less salt and sugar in sushi vinegar. Every day, all items on our Japanese restaurant Fleet Street are handmade by professionals, including fish ‘pros who have undergone extensive sashimi training. Go to itsu online to order your Japanese takeaway Fleet Street and make your day brighter with good food, beautifully done.