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itsu veg mix

Our bespoke vegetable mix uses a changing blend of 6 fresh vegetables, selected for their taste, texture, colour and health benefits. Always British and adjusted seasonally to ensure the best quality throughout the year.

broccoli & avo

Our tenderstem is steamed every day in each of our shops to lock in flavour and nutrients. For avocados, we use the highest quality Haas variety and only accept perfectly ripe fruits for our delicious salads and maki.


Sourced direct from South East Asia adding a subtle, unmistakeably Asian flavour, nori is used in many of our most-popular dishes. Incredibly nutrient-rich and a source of vitamin B12, protein and iodine.

petit pois

Our Belgian suppliers collect rain water that falls on their factory roof then treat and use to clean the factories & fill condensers. Next purified and pumped into an irrigation network supplying local growers to water their vegetable crops. The majority remains in the wetlands providing habitat for over 200 species of birds.

shirataki zero noodles

Made from the konjac plant enjoyed for hundreds of years across South East Asia, containing almost zero calories and 100% gluten free. Included in our zero’salads, all high in protein with fresh signature dressings and crunchy vegetables steamed in-house.

sushi rice

Our premium sushi rice is checked, washed and cooked to perfection under the watchful eyes of our highly skilled Rice’Pros. They only use Suzumo cookers, widely recognised in Japan as the ‘Ferrari’ of rice cookers.

wholegrain rice

Our red and brown wholegrain [hot] rice is grown and milled in Italy, near Milan, one of the top rice producing regions in the whole of Europe. It is carefully selected and scrutinised for its delicious nutty texture and high fibre content.

oishi bars

A sweet treat with an Asian twist. Made by hand at a bakery in the Cotswold, an incredible team of 39 dedicated to high quality and taste. Made with free-range eggs and where possible avoiding artificial additives.

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