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flavours from the far east

our eat beautiful menu celebrates the amazing flavours of the Far East; high in nutrients yet refreshingly low in calories and saturated fat!

high in nutrients

our eat beautiful dishes dona��t just look amazing and taste delicious, but are packed with important nutrients that can help you feel and look beautiful too.

low in calories and saturated fat

bright salads, fields of crunchy vegetables, hot and nutritious brown rice and noodles and light soups... our eat beautiful dishes taste as good as they look without being laden with fat or particularly high in calories.

in or out, home or away, early or late

we dona��t believe that eating beautiful should be restricted in any form. In fact, the word itsu literally means a�?whenevera��. This is why our delicious and moreish dishes are made for eating leisurely in our beautiful shops, whilst on the go, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a cheeky midday snack.