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we pride ourselves on serving food that is high in protein & low in fat. With 50 dishes under 500 calories all fresh & never fried, your wellness is our obsession.


60g of seasonal veg in our udon’noodles contain 50% daily veg allowance providing potassium, iron & fibre maintaining healthy immune and digestive systems.


long grain brown rice’bowls provide 27% selenium and 21% magnesium’s daily allowance for healthier carotid arteries and regulating blood pressure.

its'nutrient rich

nori in sushi & tokyo wraps contains zinc, iodine, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A for muscle health, growth and repair of tissues.

its'brain food

super salmon contains 115g sashimi grade Atlantic salmon, 100% daily omega-3 particularly DHA which produces natural neurotransmitters; essential for quick information transfer from the brain.

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