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inside an itsu kitchen

Every itsu has its own its’made here sushi & salad team guided by talented rice pro’s & hot chefs. Our kitchen procedures are twenty years in the making. We slice, steam, stack & stir fresh ingredients on the hour.

sushi rice

Our rice’pros cook our sushi rice daily in each itsu using Suzumo cookers, widely recognised in Japan as the ‘Ferrari’ of rice cookers. It is always cooked above 90c to a precise 4.5pH level.

maki rolls

We freshly make our maki rolls in every itsu shop using sushi rice sheets of exactly 145 grams, perfect nori sheets & the precise maki filling according to a strict maki recipe guide. Each maki roll is sliced to exactly 4.45 centimetres.

fish cutting

Every itsu has a fish’pro who is trained to quality check every cut of fish & slice to a perfect 5p coin size for maki rolls, exactly 9 grams for nigiri & 15 grams for sashimi.


Each piece of our sushi, sashimi, nigiri & maki are made fresh daily in every itsu shop over the watchful eyes of our highly skilled fish’pros & rice’pros.


Every day, we freshly peel, slice & chop only the most fresh & ripe fruit and veg to the precise gram, avoiding waste & ensuring consistent quality.

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