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our secret menu

Psst… over here. Want in on our latest? This month we’re incredibly excited to be releasing our secret menu. In true itsu style its’ all about keeping it fresh, healthy and happy.


For us, we believe in giving our customers the opportunity to eat beautiful. To eat & feel balanced, to be able to pick what is right for you. Its’ got the crunch is flexible and can be applied to most of our dishes, isn’t that fun?


The idea behind it is to reduce the carbs and double up on the veg instead. It is available in all our stores and for our big rice and noodle pots; veggie’gyoza udon, chargrilled’chicken udon, chilli’chicken udonchicken’thai and finally our korean bbq chicken. The best part is that the veg gets coated in all our glistening sauces and remains deliciously crunchy. Remember that 5’ veg a day talk, here’s a great way to embrace it.


If you want to keep the carbs as they can be incredibly important for your body, dietitian Sian Porter tells us how. She says that “we should base our meals on starchy carbs particularly the less processed whole grain varieties”, hence the reason for which we have decided to have brown rice in our rice bowls.


If you’re not feeling especially hungry, are watching your calories or are looking for less carbs today, hold the carbs is just for you.


All you have to do is to go into any store, choose your dish and ask to ‘hold the carbs’. Bish bash bosh, our kitchen team will freshly prepare your pot with double the veg’happiness. Just like that.