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miso soup original

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miso soup original

44 kcal

Famously light, protein rich miso soup - a celebrated staple of Japan. Made with paste not powder for a fuller flavour and richer texture. Comes with wakame seaweed, just as the Japanese enjoy at home. Just add hot water. 44 calories per serving, high in protein and rich in nutrients. 100% natural, free from MSG. Use in the kitchen as a delicious marinade, dressing or glaze.



44 kcal

fat total

1.2 g


2.6 g


5.1 g


4.2 g


1.0 g


2.6 g

all nutritional values above are per total portion

Contains 3 servings.

allergens & ingredients

contains soya / contains fish / contains barley / contains wheat
soya paste (soya, water, salt, rice, alcohol, roasted barley flour), water, alcohol, seaweed, seasoned kelp extract (kelp extract, reduced sugar syrup, alcohol, salt, thickener [E415]), sugar, yeast extract powder, salt, bonito extract (fish), soy sauce (water, wheat, soya, salt), dried bonito powder (fish)