dumplings veg udon (ve)

dumplings veg udon (ve)

5 vegetable gyoza, udon noodles, toasted seeds, green leek, edamame & a dash of coconut milk in a vegetable broth

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Calories:  556 Fat (total):  12.2g Fat (saturated):  3.9g Protein:  19.1g Carbohydrates:  101.3g Sugars:  11.9g Fibre:  11.4g Salt:  5.21g

All nutritional values above are per total portion . These nutritional values do not include add ons below. Our food and nutrition teams have colour coded fat, sat fat and salt according to FSA's green, orange and red traffic light system. Find more information here

contains gluten contains soya contains sesame vegan vegetarian

The nutritionals above were derived from a single day's production, because our food is handmade,
one by one, the amounts can & will differ slightly from day to day... dishes that contain nuts as an
ingredient have been indicated however we do have nuts and seeds in our kitchens and therefore cannot
guarantee that any of our products are completely nut-free.