Frequently Asked Questions - Butterfly Credit

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about your itsu butterfly credit:

How do I activate my butterfly credit?
You will need to click on the activation link in the email, and ensure your app is upgraded to the latest version.

Why is there a minimum spend of £15 required for me to use my butterfly credit?
The butterfly balance you currently have in your account is as a result of promotions created by itsu to you where the minimum spend was £15 for a delivery order. We have decided to honour this credit in all our stores following the closure of itsu to you but the minimum spend remains the same as on the delivery site.

Why can you only give me up to £10 off per transaction?
This was the maximum value of each individual voucher given as a result of the itsu to you ‘refer a friend’ promotion; as a result, £10 is the maximum that can be redeemed per transaction.

Can I part pay with cash as part of this promotion?
No, any payment must be made through the mobile app with the card you have pre-stored there.

Why do I have to add a payment card?
In order to use your butterfly credit, the full purchase needs to be made through the app. To ensure a smooth experience, we require an alternative payment method to be available so that any funds over the available butterfly credit can be taken automatically from your card.

What happens to my points when this promotion finishes?
Your butterfly points will expire when this promotion finishes on December 31st 2016 and will no longer be available in your butterfly balance

Are you still launching an app loyalty scheme?
Our loyalty scheme will be coming in 2017 – so watch this space!

I’ve forgotten my pin.
On the home screen, go to ‘sign in’ and click on the ‘recover my 4 digit pin’ link, you will then be sent an reset PIN email to your registered email address (Please remember to check your spam/Junk folder)

I had credit, but now it’s gone.
Please contact and we’ll get it sorted for you. We can also help with any other technical issues, or any other questions you might have.

Why have I been emailed two receipts?
One is relating to your butterfly credit, the other for your card payment. Sorry for clogging up your inbox!